For workshop servicing I charge a fixed fee. There is no hourly charging. In the case of on-site visits, they cost an initial 20 for the call-out. This includes the first hour, then it's 20 per hour there after. However I usually prefer customers to bring their machines to me, I can do a lot more to your machine if I am not working against the clock. If transport or time is a problem I can also collect your PC from within about a 15-mile radius for a small fee (usually 10) and a mileage charge of 36 pence per mile.

Often the work I do on a PC can take many hours and if I charged by the hour it would cost you a lot and it would be impossible for me to put in as much time, effort and TLC as is the Computer.DOC way.

Don't be fooled by the now growing band of mobile PC fixers that offer to fix your PC at home. Most of the time they can't do it properly. They will charge you for the call out, 3 hours of on-site time and still take your PC away and charge you again for the workshop service! Past experience shows that often a lot of problems cannot be solved on-site and need extensive testing and diagnostics to solve. On-site solutions are often only a sticking plaster on a more serious problem that needs time and thoroughness to solve.

If you have an "easy" problem, I will often tell you how to solve it on your own, I won't book a visit for a simple problem like the wrong Wi-Fi key or a loose wire. Many others will do this, come to your house, waste an hour and plug the wire in. I feel this is just dishonest and I won't do it.

I currently have an excellent success rate with spy-ware removal. The main cause of problems. There is usually no need to reformat your hard disk and re-install windows. This is the very last option I would want to take. With Computer.DOC you can usually keep all your applications and settings unchanged.

When you bring the PC to me all I will need is your PC, not the screen, keyboards, speakers or any other peripherals. Don't worry about not being able to plug it all back in again. It really is very easy and you can't get it wrong.

Telephone support at 20.00 Per hour
When you call me I offer a free initial consultation where either I will try to provide you with some solutions to your problem on the 'phone there and then and I may take you through some simple tests which will tell me how to proceed with you and your case. If I feel that a fix is in sight but may take an extended period of time to solve with me guiding you to a solution then I may ask for payment from you charged at 20.00 per hour of telephone support.

Basic PC service for around 40.00
I can check your PC in my workshop for free, and report back to you as to what I think is the appropriate course of action to take is. If you decide that you don't want me to proceed with working on your PC then you can take your PC away again with no charge. For a basic system service I will clean it physically, change it's CMOS battery, check for noisy fans and replace them, check for viruses and mal-ware, update windows and your applications and check all your system settings, install some extra useful applications as I see fit and check for hardware, memory and disk errors. This will cost about 40.00 depending on the levels of viral infections, the amount of spy-ware I have removed, how serious your problem is and how much dust is in your PC. New parts are extra.

Operating system re-install from around 70.00
In the event of a serious corruption of windows often a complete OS re-install is the only solution. I will back up all your data and blank your disk, then build-up your systems software layer by layer until all your old applications and peripherals are re-instated.