What I can do for you:

Spyware and Virus removal

People who propagate internet nasties have got very clever and increasingly sneaky and ingenious in recent years. Spy-Ware is the now a massive problem and I hear of two or three people a week getting a variant of the Smit Fraud Spyware. It is becoming very easy to "catch" just by simple browsing the web and getting hit by a "drive-by download". Once installed it's hard to detect and kill. Often Spy-Ware can monitor wheather you are using any anti-spyware or anti-virus tools and stop them installing and running. Some spyware can also monitor it's self and it's components and recreate any files or registry keys it needs, making it very hard to get rid of. Root Kits can entirely hide files and registry keys from Windows altogether, again this makes removing them very hard sometimes.

Most people will have some Spy-Ware even if they don't have any specific symptoms. Symptons range from sudden scary warnings about viruses, strange search results, your home page getting changed all the time, system instability, persistant icons on your desktop and blue-screens of death and crashes. Unless people look very hard in the right places with exactly the right tools they won't find anything. Spy-Ware is often not found by most Internet security software as Spy-Ware isn't strictly classed as viral.

I usually have great success in removing the worst, most sneaky internet-borne parasites.

Try me BEFORE reaching for your product recovery CD and re-installing windows.

In the worst cases it may be necessary for Windows to be re-installed on a clean disk.

Operating System Re-Installation

If a re-installation of Windows is the only option available, then of supreme importance to me is your data. I can, in nearly all cases guarantee to save your data and keep it safe. I can then re-instate it to the appropriate locations.

Even if you cannot boot into Windows anymore I can save your data.

I always will try to set up EVERYTHING on any PC I work on, that includes all your peripherals, Internet and e-mail settings and all your applications.

I will also download and install any other software updates that are needed, obtain new drivers, update your BIOS, and as well as this I will normally install a range of free but indispensable applications.

A big dose of Computer.DOC TLC.

Any PC servicing will normally include physically cleaning it's case, keyboard and mouse inside and out and removing dust from expansion cards, fans and power supplies using dry-filtered compressed air. You would be amazed at how much of a dust magnet a PC is. Most PC's (even newish ones) can be found sporting centimetres of thick furry grey dust sitting on everything in great piles .

I will also replace old CMOS batteries and thoroughly test your memory, CPU, hard disk, and motherboard for hardware problems with advanced diagnostic tools.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop's are pretty much like PC's and I can fix most issues you may have with your laptop, I can also fix some hardware problems or refer your machine for advanced component level repairs with a partner company.

RAM upgrades

I can supply RAM for almost any system, laptop or desktop.

Data Recovery

I can arrange for advanced data recovery using a local partner which has been amazingly sucessfull so far. Data has been recovered from disks that have logical data problems like partition table damage or file allocation table damage with almost 100% sucess. Even if your disk has been formatted and slightly used, it is still possible to get old data back. Even data on hard disks with hardware issues can now be recovered. It's very affordable and usually costs less than 100. Don't give up, try to get your stuff back!

Custom built PC's

I can custom-build you a PC too. I am constantly following the progress of technology, and always try to obtain a balance of price, performance and reliability when designing a new PC.

You will get the best after-sales care service I can offer with just one free 'phone call, and I can guarantee all new components for one year after the date of purchase.

Extra Services

I have also done work for people with special needs and disabilities. I can advise on alternative input methods and special software. An Infar-Red head tracker is great for people who don't have good use of their hands and can't use a mouse. Voice input, dictation and voice control software has come of age and it's possible now to control your PC just be speaking commands. There is no need to use a mouse and keyboard anymore.

I have also had experience of installing 3G mobile broadband systems for people who live in areas where broadband isn't available. You may be able to get upto 2 Mbps of download speed using a special directional 3G hi-gain antenna and a 3G modem/router.